Equity Sales & Sales Trading

We are the largest dedicated EME sales team, with unparalleled investor access, voted the Number 1 CEE Brokerage Firm in the 2018 Extel Europe Survey. Our 19 sales and sales trading professionals are experts in the region, and in the needs of our clients. Spread across offices throughout Central East Europe and in key financial hubs such as London, we are close to the ground, but within easy reach of every EM fund. This is one of our greatest advantages as a distribution force.

Tailored services

As our client base is diverse, we provide a complex and tailored service.

  • Brokerage firms interact with a highly experienced team of Execution Sales professionals, who couple 'high touch' care order management with cutting edge electronic trading options.

  • A team of 19 dedicated sales people serve institutional investors from around the globe, facilitating access to our top Extel-ranked Research product and to corporate managements. WOOD's signature investor conference Prague Winter is the largest EMEA event of the year, with over 160 regional companies attending, which we complement with a wide variety of more focused gatherings throughout the year.

  • Private clients are serviced by a dedicated, senior individual. They also benefit from our state-of-the-art interface, and integrated information portal and trading platform.

  • Zuzana Mora

    Co-Head of Equities Equity Sales Trading

  • Jarek Tomczynski

    Co-Head of Equities Equity Sales

  • Vladimír Vávra

    Equity Sales & Sales Trading

  • Ermir Shkurti

    Equity Sales Trading

  • Patrik Štefek

    Equity Sales Trading

  • Illgin Erdogan

    Equity Sales

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